America To Me


This 10-part documentary series spend a year at Oak Park and River Forest High School, a diverse and high-achieving school outside of Chicago. Digging deep into the experiences of black students, AMERICA TO ME sparks extremely candid conversations about what has succeeded and what has failed in the quest to achieve racial equality and overcome bias in our education system.  Award-winning filmmaker and Sundance Film Festival veteran Steve James (HOOP DREAMS, LIFE ITSELF) crafts a humble and daringly honest portrait of these students and the systemic racism they face. Part observational character story and part high school confessional, James captures critical moments within this vibrant high school ecosystem.

AMERICA TO ME will be presented in two parts featuring the first five episodes of this captivating docuseries, which aims to bring us one step closer to change and understanding by confronting our fear head-on.

Director: Steve James

Segment Directors: Bing Liu, Rebecca Parrish, Kevin Shaw

Series Producers:  John Condne, Risé Sanders-Weir

Exec. Producers:  Jeff Skoll, Diane Weyermann, Steve James, Justine Nagan, Gordon Quinn, Betsy Steinberg

Co-Producer: Janea Smith

Associate Producer: Stephanie Rae Smith

Cinematographers: Kevin Shaw, Rebecca Parrish, Bing Liu, Steve James

Editors: Leslie Simmer, David E. Simpson, Steve James

Co-Editor: Alanna Schmelter

Associate Editor: Rubin Daniels Jr.

Music Supervisors: Dawn Sutter Madell, Jocelyn Michelle Brown

Music Composer: Joshua Abrams

America To Me

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