TakePart is a leading source of socially relevant news, opinion, entertainment, and information about ways to get involved with the issues that shape our lives.

Participant’s philosophy that “a story well told can change the world” is the driving force behind TakePart’s mission: to inspire and accelerate social change by connecting compelling content to action.

TakePart’s articles, videos and social action campaigns can be found on, on YouTube via TakePart TV at

Please direct all inquires about TakePart to our Contact Form., Participant Media’s digital network, has launched the TakePart Action Platform (TAP), a suite of proprietary and customizable tools that connect digital content to social action. TAP powers dynamic content-to-action matching, and also provides a set of distributable TakeAction Widgets that allow publishers, brands and nonprofit organizations to marry their content to social responsibility initiatives anywhere on the web.

The TakePart Action Platform scans the content of a web page for meaning, and then programmatically matches it to relevant actions users can take from TakePart’s growing database of social actions. For example, an article about the devastation by the Oklahoma tornado would display various ways users can help with disaster relief. Currently the platform offers pledges, petitions, letters of support and opportunities to learn more and, will soon roll out donations and sign-ups for volunteering. Users can promote the actions they take via social media and keep track of their impact over time.