About Participant Media

Participant is a global entertainment company founded in 2004 by Jeff Skoll to focus on feature film, television, publishing and digital content that inspires social change. Participant’s more than 55 films include Good Night, and Good Luck, Syriana, An Inconvenient Truth, Food, Inc., Waiting for ‘Superman’, The Help, Contagion and Lincoln. Participant, uniquely, launches campaigns that bring together government entities, foundations, schools, and others to raise awareness and drive people to take action on issues from each film or television show. Pivot, the company’s television network, is available in 45 million homes, serving passionate Millennials (18-34) with a diverse slate of talent and a mix of original series, acquired programming, films and documentaries. Participant’s digital network, TakePart, is a leading source of socially relevant news, opinion, entertainment and information about ways to get involved with the issues that shape our lives. Through its films, social action campaigns, digital network, and its television network, Participant seeks to entertain, encourage and empower every individual to take action.

History of Participant Media (PDF)

Jeff Skoll
Founder & Chairman

Executive Team

Jim Berk

Jeff Ivers

Bob Murphy

Chad Boettcher
EVP, Social Action & Advocacy

Ann Boyd
EVP, Communications

Lynn Heymont
SVP, Human Resources


Jonathan King
EVP, Narrative Films

Diane Weyermann
EVP, Documentary Films


Kent Rees
General Manager, Pivot

John Arianas
EVP, Advertising & Brand Solutions, Pivot

Belisa Balaban
EVP, Original Programming

Stephanie Ruyle
EVP, Distribution, Pivot


Karina Kogan
EVP, Digital

Scott Roesch


Christopher Gebhardt