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A Ugandan's experience with U.S. Congress members

Journalist and key subject of Participant’s population documentary, Misconception, writes about her experiences working with Participant last year.

A Ugandan's experience with U.S. Congress members

New Vision  - March 12, 2015

By Gladys Kalibbala

After a very long flight from Entebbe, I finally touched down at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. I had been airborne for hours and so my arrival on US soil for the first ever came with a general feeling of exhaustion in every part of my body.

Waves of a mid-Spring breeze brushed across my face as I walked down the steps of the plane, yet, to my surprise, the sun was high up. Weird weather, I thought to myself, as I pulled my heavy coat tightly around me. But, like the heck the alien weather mattered! I was excited more than anything about finally being in the United States. Read more here.


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